Team America


Examples of how far your donation money can go

  • $2.00 will buy one tree sapling to help Mongolian herders prevent overgrazing their pastures
  • $8.00 will allow one unemployed or low income person to attend a business skills training course
  • $12.60 will pay for one person to attend practical employment training for 8 days to learn a new trade, from carpet weaving to making horse riding accessories
  • $33 will enable an unemployed woman to attend a 30 day training course on vegetable growing
  • $110 will provide text books for pupils in five rural schools
  • $165 will provide life changing business training for a group of 20 people
  • $315 will repair and equip a training room to teach skills to people who have little or no income
  • $412 will buy tools to help poor families provide an income for their families, including sewing machines and shoe mending equipment
  • $500 will pay for a school library to be fully stocked with books

If interested in donating directly to the charities please contact us so we can make the necessary arrangements.